Tote Box Transfers

Tote Box Transfers can be found in the Tools menu.

This is perfect for transferring customers computers or products between shops or locations. This is a quick way to log any items leaving your premises where you want to ensure what leaves is also received.


[1] First time use, you click on the red button to create a new Transfer Box.  This means you have a physical box you want to put items into ready for shipping.

[2] Next, you can scan the ticket sheet barcode to add that ticket device into the box (perfect for external repairs or if you are transferring your customers device between shops and locations).  You can also add a manual item which is not a ticket such as shop stock etc.

tote box add items

[3] When you are ready to actually ship or transfer the box, click the SEAL TRANSFER BOX button which means your transfer box is ready to be shipped and you cannot add any other items to this box (if you need to add more items you need to create a new transfer box).  You will also be asked if you want to print a copy of the contents which is perfect to ship with the box so the recipient can easily tick of the items received.

[4] You can view a history of all transfers by clicking on the View Old Transfer Box button

Finally, on receipt you can mark the items received receive by opening the history, selecting your transfer box then right click and select received item.