About Us

Computer Repair Shop Software is developed and designed by Paul Betteridge who also owns several stores called iFixTech.com in the UK on the beautiful south coast.  Paul has been developing software for 25 years and in 2010 opened his first repair store after quitting his programming job to work for himself.  Back then, dedicated Computer Repair Tracking software was hard to find that offered all the right features that only a computer shop could use.  As a professional software developer Paul was able to quickly create basic ticketing, CRM and repair tracking tool for use in his own stores (by 2012 he had expanded to two stores by then a better and more efficient method for tracking repairs and parts as needed).  Developing CRS internally for his own stores, CRS started to get attention from a few other computer stores across the UK whom he worked closely with.  Paul de-personalised CRS and CRS v1 were released in 2012.  The first CRS customer was based in California, USA

About CRS

Since then, CRS development has been driven by the user's own feature requests and Paul's own usage of CRS in his own stores.  Because Paul is hands-on with repairs, customers, booking jobs in and out he quickly found faster and more efficient ways to make CRS work.

When Paul was employed as a software developer he would get frustrated having to jump through hoops and navigate through reams red tape just to make basic changes to any software being developed - often taking months of meetings, discussions, planning and approvals before a simple issue could be fixed or a new feature developed.  As his own boss, Paul manages the projects himself and can quickly release a new update within hours of problems or features being reported to him!!  Not bad!

CRS is being developed alongside several other projects and Paul has a team of developers working with him to research, design and develop new innovations and projects for use in the IT and computer repair trade.

His latest projects include

iPos - designed for computer shops who sell computers and want to convert wasted the blank screen space into advertising

CRS MSP - coming very soon - is a web-based platform for computer shops to resell their IT services to home users offering daily computer checks and monitoring, one-click deployment of antivirus, ticketing, instant chat and more.  News coming soon.

TaskyBar.com - a Taskbar editor tool allowing you to create your own bar icon and shortcuts.  Ideal for customer computers you want to create a link to your website, contact page etc.

Websites for Repair Shops - If you are a computer repair store with an old, outdated website or no website then this is for you.  Comes with repair appointment booking and developed with Google SEO in mind check our

Some projects are also in development that we cannot list here just yet... To stay updated subscribe to our YourTube Channel and our Facebook group.