Live Data Board

Live Data Board shows your stores current statistics such as who has completed the most tickets, how many check-ins, warranty returns etc are booked in.  You can run the live data board as a stand alone program which is perfect for displaying on your work wall.  (It our own shops, it creates a bit of competition between technicians which is good for business!).




Save/Load – You can save your current layout so every time you start Live Stats module it will auto load the layout saved.

Select Live Data – You can customise what is displayed.  

Update Interval – How often you want the live stats to update, min value is 1 minute, max value is 9999 mins.

Store Select Drop Down – If you are running CRS as multi-shop you can choose to show ALL stores or any of the stores.  

Alternate Displays for Multi-shop – Tick this to alternate between stores at the on each Interval refresh