DK11209 Compatible Labels Roll of 800 for Brother QL-500 labeller


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Brother compatible low cost labels – perfect with your Brother printer (QL-500 or similar models) and complements your CRS setup.  CRS has templates already designed for these labels for inventory and stock price labels, parts ordered for customer repairs (automatically print a label to stick on the invoice so you know who the part is for when it arrives) and the biggest use of these labels is for printing asset labels to be stuck on ALL items on receipt of repairs.  CRS will automatically print the correct number of labels based on number the items booked in (i.e. laptop, power supply, laptop bag) so you will never lose anything again!

  • Compatible Labels – we find the adhesive is not as sticky as original Brother labels which making them easier for customers to peel off (I recommend placing labels on the bottom of laptops so customers do not peel them off)
  • 800 per roll making them very cost effective over other labels
  • Easy to replace  simply drop in the entire cartridge and feed through the cutter, takes seconds to swap out.
  • 62mm x 29mm