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FIXED – Memory leak in .Net control causes CRS to crash

We have recently discovered and fixed a memory leak caused by the WebBrowser control in Microsoft .Net 4.6 framework that affected CRS. 

The .Net WebBrowser control is used on the main CRS screen to show your website and other handy websites you may want to show within the CRS main interface.  The problem was that the web control was consuming large amounts of memory and never released the memory back to the operating system via the built in Garbage Collector.  This caused CRS to crash or display “OutOfMemoryException”.   The OutOfMemoryException is not related the your actual physical RAM installed in your PC but the amount of RAM the process (in this case CRS.exe) was using.

This issue has been fixed and the IE based WebBrowser .Net control has been replaced by a Chrome control which uses much less memory and performs much better.  This means CRS uses less RAM than it did before and the web-browsers tabs on the main CRS screen now use their own separate processes for each webpage which means CRS is much more responsive and performs better than it did.  

Good also came from this long three week debugging exercise – in the process of finding the memory leak, code was optimised and minor issues fixed to further improve repsonsiveness of CRS with more areas identified for improvement soon.

The latest CRS is available immediately as beta to download and will be released officially with some new exciting features very shortly.