CRS update prevents you from adding items into ticket charges that are not already in the inventory.  This is for better inventory report accuracy.  This guide shows you how you can add “ad-hoc” items into your ticket charges quickly and easily without having to add the item into inventory.

Here’s a work-around to quickly add a non-stocked part or bespoke labour charges to a ticket:

[1] Create two items in Inventory – for example, call them:  “Non Stocked Labour” and “Non Stocked Part”.
[2] Make sure you tick “User Editable” and save.

[3] From the Charges section in a ticket type into the charges Description area “non”(you don’t need to type the entire inventory name) and the two non-stocked inventory items will auto-complete and show.  Here you can quickly select and edit description and price to anything you need before adding as a charge to the ticket.  Nice and quick.

Although this is nice and quick, the only problem with method is that it makes reporting more difficult because you cannot see what items are popular or out of stock.  It is recommend you only use this for occasional non-stock items and one-off service charges that you have not already entered into your inventory.

Bonus Tip!

This works the opposite way around also, if you want to quickly add an item into inventory via the ticket charges tab, you can type the charge Description.  and click the “Add To Invoice”button and you will be prompted to add the item.  
(note:  SKU and Price are optional – but if you enter any of these at the same time they will also get added into the new part at the same time).


I hope these tips will help speed up how you use CRS.  If you have any ideas or improvements let me know.  Please do keep in touch with me as I am very keen to find out what you think about CRS.