Quick Start Guide


  • 1 New Database Connection
  • 2 Edit CRS Settings
  • 3 Create New Ticket
  • 4 Manage Tickets

New Database Connection

The first time CRS is run you will be asked to specify the CRS database. This procedure is semi automatic and is explained here Database

This guide is designed to get you up and running in a live environment as quickly as possible. This shouldnt take no more than a few minutes.
Your default admin login access code is: 1234 and this is required to log into CRS. You can change the default code or add new users via the Admin->Manage User Accounts menu or Admin->Register New User menu


Edit CRS Settings

To get up and running a quickly as possible so that you are Although not necessary straight away, we recommend going to Admin->Settings to set up CRS software to your liking. Most pages can be ignored for now, you just need to enter your company details, specify your logo that will be used in emails / print outs for your customers and specify your currency symbol / tax rates.

You may want to specify your email settings in the SMS/Email tab if you want CRS to send emails to your customers.

For full details on the settings area visit here: Settings

Create New Ticket

[1] To create a new ticket, click on the New Ticket button from the home screen.

You can create a new customer or select an existing customer directly and simply from the Customer tab as follows:

  • You dont need to do anything to Create a New Customer but just simply enter your customers details (name, address, email etc). When you save the ticket, your new customer is automatically added to the database.
  • To Select an Existing Customer from the database simply enter their name or company name or simply just tap in a few characters from their name then hit the TAB key. If a match is made then you will get a list of customers that match what you entered.

[2] Next, select the job tab and enter the details of the customers computer.

Note: All tickets need a Job note before you can save the ticket

Optionally, select the Condition tab and enter any details that are relevant (such as keys missing, cracked casing).

[3] Click the SAVE button to create the ticket. You will automatically be shown a preview of the ticket receipt that you can print and give to your customer. You will also see a preview of your own job sheet that you would normally keep with the computer you have taken in for repair. If you specified an email address (and secondary contact email address) then your customer(s) will be automatically emailed the Ticket receipt.

The ticket will close then re-open and you will see more tabs that are all relevant to the repair you are carrying out.

More detail description of each of the tabs in the Ticket is available here Ticket


Manage Tickets

You can manage tickets by clicking on the Manage Tickets button from the home screen