Online Status

Your customers can check their repair status by visiting your website and entering their Surname and Ticket ID.  They will see the latest status update plus your customer notes (if any).  For database security and to make this feature as simple as possible, CRS will create an XML file and upload the XML file to your website.  For security and data protection, the uploaded XML file contains only very basic information about the repair job (customers name, ticket ID, job Notes and job Status).

website status check

[1] To enable this feature, go to settings and Web Status Check tab and click Enable.  Enter your website FTP details, sp

ecify the frequency you want to upload the XML file (I recommend between 1-4 hours) and click Schedule Upload Task.  This will create a task in Task Scheduler called CrsOnlineUpdate.  You can access this task in Windows Task Scheduler from your operating system’s Control Panel -> Administrative Tools.

Once the task is uploading, you next need to add the functionality to your website.

web status check

[2] Download and extract the following zip file:   OnlineUpdate

(2a) Unzip folder and Open checkstatus.html into wordpad / html editor.  Enter your website address into are area that says:
<form action=”http://YOUR WEBSITE” method=”get”>

(2b) Next upload the two files checkstatus.html and checkstatus.php to your website on the same path as the FTP settings above.

[3] Visit www.[YourWebsite].com/checkstatus.html and test.

You can use and modify the HTML and PHP files in your own website to suit your own requirements.

[4] You can also provide a URL link to your customers online status check i.e. http://[yourwebsite].com/checkstatus.php?name=Smith&ticketid=12345